Which X-Men Characters Will Join Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3?

At their E3 presentation, Nintendo formally revealed the existence of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Expansion Pass. With the announcement, Nintendo also gave us a little tease as to whom the characters might be. According the Nintendo eShop, the Expansion Pass will be broken up into three packs, each one focusing on a different Marvel property. These three properties are Fantastic Four, X-Men and Marvel Knights. But then, who might the playable characters be? And how many will we get? In this article, I will break down the prime candidates I believe could enter the alliance when the Expansion Pass releases later this year.

For the purpose of this article, I am simply going to focus on the potential characters from the X-Men brand that might appear. If you are curious about who I think might join the roster from the Fantastic Four or Marvel Knights properties, check out my other articles.

The X-Men are easily one of the most important and iconic characters in all of the Marvel universe. Second only to the Spider-Man comics in terms of popularity, X-Men were the first group of characters to achieve success for Marvel in the film genre. However, this came at somewhat of a cost, as Marvel had outsourced the film rights for X-Men to Fox Studios. When Marvel would eventually create their cinematic universe, the X-Men would be nowhere to be found, due to the successful 12 film franchise over at Fox. However, unlike the Fantastic Four, Marvel could not simply retire these characters, as they were far too important to their comic universe. While they have had somewhat of a toned-down presence as of late, the X-Men are still some of Marvel’s greatest characters, and with the Disney-Fox buyout completed, the X-Men are in for a triumphant return to the spotlight in both film and video game alike. But which of the many characters might be considered for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3? In this article, I break down some of the prime candidates:


The image you see above is from the X-Mansion in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, seen during the “X-Men trailer.” This painting might give us a hint as to who might become playable, but there are still some other candidates I will talk about later on in the article.

Candidate #1


Scott Summers AKA Cyclops is traditionally the leader of the X-Men team, and is one of its most popular characters. Cyclops was previously playable in the DLC for the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and considering that he appears in the photo of the team in the new game, it would only seem logical that he would be one of the top contenders for this expansion pass.


Candidate #2


Piotr Rasputin AKA Colossus is the Russian metal bruiser of the X-Men team. He was also previously playable in the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance game, and seeing as he is a member of the team in the X-mansion portrait, it is likely he may show up as one of the DLC characters.


Candidate #3


Dr. Hank McCoy AKA Beast is a fan-favourite character who has become increasingly more prominent in the Fox X-Men film franchise. He is already confirmed to appear in the game as an NPC-ally character, which might suggest that he, on some level, has a playable build. Perhaps rather than create an entirely new character, it might make more sense for Marvel to simply upgrade Beast to playable status when the X-Men character pack is added to the game.


Candidate #4


Cain Marko AKA Juggernaut is a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants lead by Magneto, and was previously playable in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. He is already confirmed to be a boss/NPC-ally character in this game, so similarly to Beast, it might make more sense for the developers to simply rework him into a fully-playable member of the roster. Besides, Magento could use a friend on the roster too, right?


Candidate #5


Bobby Drake AKA Iceman is definitely one of my top choices for the expansion pass. Iceman is one of the more popular X-Men characters, and he is also one of the most powerful. Aside from some light cryo-related abilities in Storm’s abilities, we do not have much in terms of ice powers in this game. Iceman was playable in both the previous Marvel Ultimate Alliance titles, so the developers would have plenty to pull from. In addition, I would love to see a bunch of angry neckbeards get whiney about the fact that Iceman is included as an LGBT+ representative in this game. Speaking of which, get on it Marvel!


Candidate #6

Jean Grey

Jean Grey AKA Phoenix is the most powerful X-Men character, and one of the most powerful characters in the entire Marvel universe. I had previously speculated about her inclusion in the base game, but after the X-mansion portrait was shown, I was fairly certain she was not going to be in. However, with the announcement of the DLC, it is a great time to introduce this beloved character back into the series. She was previously playable in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and I think it’s about time the developers chose to “resurrect” her chances of being a playable character.


While it is of course most likely that we get characters like Cyclops or Colossus who were featured in the X-Mansion portrait, I still think there is a good shot for other popular mutants to show up. After all, X-Men has the largest cast of characters of any Marvel property, and there is really unlimited potential in what the developers choose to include.

Do you think a different character might show up? Leave us a comment below to tell us who you think might get added to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.