Which Marvel Knights Characters Will Join Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3?

At their E3 presentation, Nintendo formally revealed the existence of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Expansion Pass. With the announcement, Nintendo also gave us a little tease as to whom the characters might be. According the Nintendo eShop, the Expansion Pass will be broken up into three packs, each one focusing on a different Marvel property. These three properties are Fantastic Four, X-Men and Marvel Knights. But then, who might the playable characters be? And how many will we get? In this article, I will break down the prime candidates I believe could enter the alliance when the Expansion Pass releases later this year.

For the purpose of this article, I am simply going to focus on the potential characters from the Marvel Knights brand that might appear. If you are curious about who I think might join the roster from the Fantastic Four or X-Men properties, check out our other articles.

The Marvel Knights were an imprint of comics that contained material focusing on a variety of different characters. In general, Marvel Knights tended to be much darker and edgier than what you would find in the typical Marvel imprints, and as such, the characters tended to be a little more brutal than our typical heroes. Some of the already-playable characters in the game who have belonged to the Marvel Knights imprint are Daredevil, Elektra, Luke Cage, Black Panther, Doctor Strange and even Spider-Man. As such, there is some amazing potential for characters from this brand for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, and below I am going to break down some of the top candidates.


Candidate #1

The Punisher

Frank Castle AKA The Punisher is the vengeful anti-hero that this game deserves. I had previously speculated about the Punisher being playable on the main roster, but now it is looking far more likely that he will be included in the DLC. As you will see as this list progresses, Frank Castle is easily the most recognizable and popular character from the Marvel Knights imprint that is not already playable in the game. His very distinct personality and morality would add a layer that I feel this game is missing, and he would just be an absolute blast to play as.


Candidate #2


Now I won’t lie, I do not know much about Shang-Chi as a character other than he is some sort of “Master of Kung-Fu.” However, what I do know is that Marvel recently announced that a Shang-Chi film is in development for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Considering that the roster is heavily inspired by the MCU, it seems likely that Shang-Chi would be a top contender from the Marvel Knights brand to be included in the game.


Candidate #3

Moon Knight

Moon Knight is another character that I had previously speculated about in my past article. He is personally one of my most-wanted characters for this game, and I would love nothing more than for him to become playable through DLC. He was previously playable in the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance game, and has become somewhat of a cult favourite among fans ever since he appeared in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. He is dark, brooding and shares the “knight” name with the imprint, so why the hell not?


Candidate #4


Man-Thing is essentially Marvel’s version of DC’s Swamp Thing. In addition to being another bruiser character on the level of the Incredible Hulk, Man-Thing also provides a unique ability that is not currently present in the game: nature. His abilities could lead to some very unique gameplay styles, and for this reason, he may not be a bad choice to include in the game.


Candidate #5

Namor, the Sub-Mariner

Namor is an Atlantean-mutant and the superhero under the sea (sound familiar)? While he may not be as popular as his look-a-like over at DC, Namor is much edgier. And much like Man-Thing, Namor offers up an arsenal of abilities that is not currently present in the game, so he may not be a bad choice for DLC.


Candidate #6


Sentry is essentially Superman if he went berserk. He is completely outmatched, has incredible abilities and would easily be one of the most powerful characters on the roster if he were added. I think that this would be an absolutely chaotic and fun mess to include Sentry as a playable character. Whether Marvel takes the opportunity, or steers away due to his power levels, remains to be seen.


While it is of course most likely that we get Punisher and Shang-Chi, it is still likely that any of these other characters show up. For most of us, Marvel Knights is the imprint we know virtually nothing about, and that of course makes it the wild card. I have no doubt that no matter who gets added from Marvel Knights, we are sure to have the most unique, chaotic characters that the Marvel Ultimate Alliance roster has ever seen.

Do you think a different character might show up? Leave us a comment below to tell us who you think might get added to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.