Top 40 N64 Games (40-31)

The Nintendo 64 is the greatest console of all time in my opinion. It was THE multiplayer console and was gaming’s first successful jump into 3D. Though it didn’t sell gangbusters and has a relatively small library when compared to other Nintendo systems, it’s legacy is a great one. Numerous quality, beloved and important games debuted on the N64 and for my money it had the best library of exclusive games. So with that being said I will be counting down my personal Top 40 list of the greatest N64 games and I will include their initial North American release, enjoy.

40. Lego Racers

First Released: July 31, 1999

39. Toy Story 2

First Released: November 12, 1999

38. Pilotwings 64

First Released: September 29, 1996

37. Glover

First Released: October 31, 1998

36. Wave Race 64

First Released: November 1, 1996

35. Mickey’s Speedway USA

First Released: November 13, 2000

34. Blast Corps

First Released: March 24, 1997

33. Pokémon Stadium

First Released: March 29, 2000

32. Yoshi’s Story

First Released: March 10, 1998

31. Gauntlet Legends

First Released: August 31, 1999