Top 100 Pokemon (60-51)

Pokemon is the biggest, highest-grossing media franchise of all time. With a heavy presence in video games, anime, toys, merchandise and even film, Pokemon has become a household name. And this incredible brand recognition is due to the massive appeal of the many, many creatures that are introduced by The Pokemon Company every few years, constantly keeping the massive media franchise fresh, new and relevant.

But with the number of Pokemon currently at 809 and counting, which monsters are the best of the best? In this series of articles, we are going to narrow down these monsters to the Top 100 Pokemon, giving you some insight into who we believe are the best of the best.

In order to determine this, we collaborated between three of the Hub World’s authors: Giuliano, the Role-Playing Gamer; Matteo, The Banjo Believer; and Oshie, the Pokemon Trainer. Using a mixture of design, usefulness, icon value and sheer favouritism, we came up with the following Top 100.


60 – Lycanroc

First Appearance: Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

Bathed in the setting sun of evening, Lycanroc has undergone a special kind of evolution. An intense fighting spirit underlies its calmness.


59 – Vikavolt

First Appearance: Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

Vikavolt, the Stag Beetle Pokémon. A Bug and Electric type. Vikavolt flies around, waiting to attack. With its large jaws, it fires gathered electrical energy at its opponent.

58 – Popplio

First Appearance: Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

Popplio, the Sea Lion Pokémon. A Water type. Popplio can control water balloons, and works hard so it can make bigger balloons.


57 – Talonflame

First Appearance: Pokemon X & Pokemon Y

Talonflame, the Scorching Pokémon and the evolved form of Fletchinder. During an intense battle, Talonflame expels embers from gaps between its feathers. It reaches speeds of more than three-hundred miles per hour chasing prey.


56 – Pyroar

First Appearance: Pokemon X & Pokemon Y

Pyroar, the Royal Pokémon. Pyroar’s mane, which is made of fire, becomes larger when it gets excited.


55 – Salamence

First Appearance: Pokemon Ruby & Pokemon Sapphire

Salamence, the Dragon Pokémon. Constant dreams of flight caused a shift in its cellular structure. When it evolved, Salamence finally grew wings.


54 – Deoxys

First Appearance: Pokemon Ruby & Pokemon Sapphire

The DNA of a space virus underwent a sudden mutation upon exposure to a laser beam and resulted in Deoxys. The crystalline organ on this Pokémon’s chest appears to be its brain.


53 – Grovyle

First Appearance: Pokemon Ruby & Pokemon Sapphire

Grovyle, the Wood Gecko Pokémon. Grovyle is well known for its dexterity in the treetops, as it is often seen jumping from branch to branch. Even the fastest of Pokémon cannot catch a Grovyle in wooded areas.


52 – Hawlucha

First Appearance: Pokemon X & Pokemon Y

Hawlucha, the Wrestling Pokémon. Possessing an artistic way of executing its moves, Hawlucha takes great pride in their elegance.


51 – Zoroark

First Appearance: Pokemon Black & Pokemon White

Each Zoroark has the ability to fool a large group of people simultaneously. They protect their lair with illusory scenery.


Keep checking back every couple days for more of the Top 100 Pokemon. Do you have a favourite Pokemon? Let us know in the comments below!