Top 100 Pokemon (30-21)

Pokemon is the biggest, highest-grossing media franchise of all time. With a heavy presence in video games, anime, toys, merchandise and even film, Pokemon has become a household name. And this incredible brand recognition is due to the massive appeal of the many, many creatures that are introduced by The Pokemon Company every few years, constantly keeping the massive media franchise fresh, new and relevant.

But with the number of Pokemon currently at 809 and counting, which monsters are the best of the best? In this series of articles, we are going to narrow down these monsters to the Top 100 Pokemon, giving you some insight into who we believe are the best of the best.

In order to determine this, we collaborated between three of the Hub World’s authors: Giuliano, the Role-Playing Gamer; Matteo, The Banjo Believer; and Oshie, the Pokemon Trainer. Using a mixture of design, usefulness, icon value and sheer favouritism, we came up with the following Top 100.


30 – Totodile

First Appearance: Pokemon Gold & Pokemon Silver

Totodile, the Big Jaw Pokémon. Its highly developed jaw is so powerful, it can crush practically anything. Trainers beware: this Pokémon loves to use its teeth.


29 – Celebi

First Appearance: Pokemon Gold & Pokemon Sapphire

Celebi, the Time Travel Pokémon. Celebi wanders across time as guardian of the forest. Wherever it appears, trees and grass flourish.


28 – Snorlax

First Appearance: Pokemon Red & Pokemon Green

Snorlax, the Sleeping Pokémon. After eating its fill, Snorlax is too sleepy to move. Small children sometimes play on its belly.


27 – Giratina

First Appearance: Pokemon Diamond & Pokemon Pearl

Giratina is said to live in a world on the reverse side of ours, where common knowledge is distorted and strange


26 – Groudon

First Appearance: Pokemon Ruby & Pokemon Sapphire

Groudon has long been described in mythology as the Pokémon that raised lands and expanded continents. This Pokémon took to sleep after a cataclysmic battle with Kyogre.


25 – Mimikyu

First Appearance: Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

Mimikyu, the Disguise Pokemon. A Ghost and Fairy type. It wears a ragged head cover to look like a Pikachu, but little is known about this Pokémon. It’s said that a scholar who once tried to look inside met his end.


24 – Jigglypuff

First Appearance: Pokemon Red & Pokemon Green

Jigglypuff, the Balloon Pokémon. When Jigglypuff’s big eyes begin to quiver, everyone becomes sleepy as it sings a lullaby.


23 – Dragonite

First Appearance: Pokemon Red & Pokemon Green

Dragonite, the Dragon Pokémon. This extremely rare and highly intelligent type is able to fly faster than any known Pokémon.


22 – Decidueye

First Appearance: Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

Decidueye nocks its arrow quills and shoots them at opponents. When it simply can’t afford to miss, it tugs the vine on its head to improve its focus.


21 – Gyarados

First Appearance: Pokemon Red & Pokemon Green

Gyarados. This Pokémon has a vicious temperament, so use extreme caution. Its fangs can crush stones and its scales are harder than steel.


Keep checking back every couple days for more of the Top 100 Pokemon. Do you have a favourite Pokemon? Let us know in the comments below!