Everything Revealed in the Pokemon Direct

While E3 doesn’t technically kick off until Sunday, Nintendo decided to start things early when they announced that a Pokemon Direct dedicated to new info on Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield would be airing today. So what exactly got revealed during this Direct? Check out the details below.


New Pokemon

Of course with new information, always comes new Pokemon. This time, we got six brand new monsters revealed. Grossifleur is a pure grass-type Pokemon that evolves into the regal Eldegoss, another pure grass-type. I’m personally not the biggest fan of these two, but I’m sure plenty of plant lovers have already fallen head-over-heels for them. Then, we have Wooloo. Wooloo is a cute little normal-type sheep Pokemon, who is just screaming for a fun evolution. Corvilknight is a raven/crow Pokemon who also serves as a “fast travel” system for the game. He is showing up Skarmory by more stylishly sporting the Flying/Steel combination. Finally, we have Drednaw, the Water/Rock type turtle Pokemon that can apparently break iron with his jaws. Overall, we have a solid selection of new Galar Pokemon from this first drop of information.


New Characters

In addition to new monsters, we also have some brand new characters. The two new protagonists are sporting a stylish, European-inspired look that definitely fits the theme of the new region. Then, we have Leon. Leon is the champion of the Region, and he apparently has quite the ego. Hop is Leon’s little brother, and he serves as your spunky new rival, doing his best to follow in Leon’s footsteps. Finally, we have our new Pokemon Professor, Magnolia, who is giving off Professor McGonnagal vibes, and her assistant Sonia, who looks like the vibrant go-getter that is going to whip us into shape.


The Wild Area

Pokemon Sword & Shield will be including an ambitious new overworld mechanic referred to as “the Wild Area.” The “Wild Areas” are large, open world hubs between towns that will feature a mixture of random encounters, as well as the Let’s Go feature of Pokemon roaming in the overworld. This will also serve as a multiplayer hub where trainers can interact and battle against very special wild Pokemon together. What else is in store for the “Wild Areas,” we will just have to see.



Yes. You are seeing that correctly. That is a giant Pikachu behind that trainer. Perhaps the most interesting announcement from the Direct is the inclusion of the new Dynamaxing mechanic. When a Pokemon uses the Dynamax mechanic, they grow giant, and their moves become “maxed” out. According to series creators, Dynamaxing will be integral to the strategy of the game. The mechanic works similarly to Mega Evolution and Z-Moves. Using a key item, players will be able to Dynamax their Pokemon for three turns in a single battle, and maximize the coverage they can get out of this. Dynamaxed Pokemon will also appear in the Wild Areas as raid bosses for up to four friends to try and defeat and catch, adding an entirely new way to play with friends.


Mascot Legendaries

And naturally, we finally got our mascot Legendary Pokemon unveiled. Just as the titles would suggest, these Pokemon are based off the symbols of the Sword and the Shield. Sword’s mascot is named Zacian, and she carries a sword in her mouth. Shield’s mascot is known as Zamazenta, and his body acts as a shield. The trailer also suggests the existence of a third legendary that may be somewhat of a rival to these two, but only time will tell.


Release Date

And finally, we got our release date, and it is much earlier than expected. November 15, 2019 will be the day you can get your hands on this pair of titles, and I’m sure every day leading up to it is going to filled with anticipation and hype for what might come next.